Alisha Adams rides the AverageDude’s cock with her ass anally while using a Magic Wand. She told us prior to shoot this was the best way she can get to a REAL orgasm. She does not fake and you see a real reaction in her face when she cums with cock in her ass that she pounds into herself while on top.

Alisha Adams was not as well known then as she is now. This was a photoshoot and video porn collab she agreed to do with Average Dude a couple years ago. Now she is all over the internet as a top porn star! Independent sources online recently rated her potential net worth at $1.6 million now! We are so glad we had a chance to work with her early on, and hope working with us has helped her career. We have always recommended her to anyone who has ever asked who our top performers are to work with and always will!

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